Carry Me Back to Virginia – Vision (2015)

Marvel traditionally does suburbs much better than D.C. as part of writing "relatable" teenage super-heroes. Marvel's heroes populate real cities (mainly New York, but not as much as the movies will have you believe), and their teenagers populate real suburbs. Peter Parker lives in Queens and commutes (flies) into Manhattan for work at the Daily … Continue reading Carry Me Back to Virginia – Vision (2015)

Wolverine’s Internal Conflict – Wolverine (1982)

Most mainstream American comics are collaborative projects. Writers and artists push and pull each other to create something unique. Frank Miller is one of the figures who breaks this mold in the early 80s, moving between artist, writer-artist, and writer in Daredevil. Miller works great as a writer and writer-artist, but his art overpowers and … Continue reading Wolverine’s Internal Conflict – Wolverine (1982)