What is this?

1477593756740I study English Literature and Russian. I’ve read Gravity’s Rainbow for fun. (Twice.) Yet I also read comics. I’ve read comics on and off since I was a kid but the amount has multiplied intensely in college. The more I’m assigned to read Chaucer or Tolstoy, the more I find myself reading Stan Sakai or Jack Kirby. I like to think I’m that weird offbeat guy who can enjoy Petersburg in the morning and Uncanny X-Men in the evening, and somehow bring up both to everyone I talk to for the next few days.

I followed Tom King and Gabriel Walta’s Vision from issue 1 all the way through issue 12 and was excited to see it come to its conclusion. I’d hyped up issue 12 for weeks. My roommates listened to my non-stop praise of the series in the hours immediately following the series’ conclusion. One of them asked me to share my copies with him. So I did. And he read it. And he loved it. Both of us astonished now, we begged our other roommate to read it. And our friends. And they did. And they loved it.

This all happened within the span of a couple days after issue 12 coming out. That Friday, my literature nerd friends and I sat around Subway and talked about Vision. It was an affirming experience. One of my friends told me it was the first American comic she’d ever read, and now she understood why I was constantly going on about them. Everyone thanked me for pointing them to something so entertaining and poignant. In return, we all pointed out little things we’d picked up on in our reading. We shared a collective awe and anguish about this  little family of robots. It was a shared experience between comic fans, literature nerds, and people who don’t even read.

Hopefully with this blog, I can recreate some of those kind of experiences, making connections between comics, literature, and all other kinds of cultural ephemera. I’d like to point people to some interesting reading and connections (even if it isn’t necessarily what a post is about), and have others do the same for me. This will also be a sounding board for random ideas, not even necessarily related to comics. If you stick around, something should entertain or interest you. That’s my modest claim. Welcome aboard.

Some creators I’m interested in that I’ll probably end up writing about this year: Tom King, Garth Ennis, Stan Sakai, Alan Moore, Jack Kirby, Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Vladimir Nabokov, David Foster Wallace, Andrei Bely, Thomas Pynchon

Header image by Gabriel Walta from Vision 10

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